Mattresses For Athletes

There are several consultations that have come to mattress stores asking for advice on how to choose the best mattress for athletes. In order to give you a professional answer, we have decided to consult the leading brands in rest, so that their experts can advise us.

In general, the mattresses that we recommend to sportsmen are soft bed mattresses with 4 or 5 firmness, as you like, that allow you to keep your back aligned, but with a thickness of 25 cm. or more, so that they are adaptable.

In this post we tell you what their answers were and what mattresses they recommend for people who practice sport regularly.

The specific question we asked the leading firms in the field of rest: Flex, Pikolin, Relax and Sonpura was: Within the extensive catalog of your mattresses, would there be any special recommendation for adults who practice sports (running, swimming, cycling or mountain biking)?

Relaxation mattresses for athletes

The Relax expert consulted highlights the bagged spring mattresses with viscous padding as the best rest for sportsmen and women.

He points out their high adaptation capacity and low pressure on the body of the sleeper, thus facilitating blood circulation and avoiding the appearance of pain caused by numbness in joints.

Sonpura mattresses for sportsmen

At Sonpura we are told that the bagged spring is an ideal product for people who do sport because of the adaptability it offers.

In addition, in the case of sleeping with a partner, they point out that if one of the two is larger due to his or her athletic build, this system guarantees a correct adaptation to each sleeper.

In Sonpura they recommend for the sportsmen between 18 and 50 years old their Gaudí mattress. Among its characteristics they stand out:

Its structure of spring Micro that isolates in individual bags each one of the springs that compose its interior and distributes them following the natural position of the body.

Anti-allergic fibers that eliminate and favor the evaporation of the slight night sweat.

It is made up of a layer of Viscoelastic of maximum density that provides the mattress with great adaptability and comfort.

The combination of the Micro spring system together with the HR Densitech of 40kg density generates a rest system with an optimum thermo-sensitive sensation.

Flex mattresses for athletes

Although for the experts of Flex it cannot be said that there is a specific mattress for athletes, it will be very useful and recommended that each person choose the mattress according to their needs, which will be marked by the physical characteristics of each sleeper, that is, their weight, height, body mass index and other factors such as whether or not it is hot.

However, we are told that the better the quality of the shell and padding, the better the rest and therefore the better the sports performance of the sleeper.