How crosstrainer burns the fat

Many studies have shown that endurance training is the most effective way to get fat burning going. If you want to lose weight with the crosstrainer, you can start without a long familiarization phase. The advantage: You are also doing your joints a favour.


The crosstrainer is an excellent device for losing weight, because it is ideal for joint-gentle endurance training. Not only can you boost fat burning and calorie consumption, but you can also specifically train all large muscle groups in your legs, trunk and arms. Movement and energy consumption are similar to regular jogging. The clear advantage of losing weight with the crosstrainer, however, is that the shock loads are eliminated and the joints are spared.

Especially for overweight people and beginners it is important to start slowly. After each training day, the muscles need a day’s rest to regenerate. In the beginning, you should therefore only devote yourself to training every other day for about 30 minutes.

If you want to lose weight with the crosstrainer, start with a five-minute warm-up and then increase towards the target pulse. In order to determine the correct intensity of the training, it is important to deal with your own body in advance. The optimal fat burning pulse does not really exist. It belongs to the myths around diet and weight loss. Nevertheless, it is advisable to go to a sports physician for advice. Also the use of a pulse watch can give information about the heart rate variability.


Always make sure you stand straight on the crosstrainer and do not bend over. Always keep the motion smooth and forward facing. Avoid pendulum movements where your hips move to the left or right. Always hold the handles firmly in your hands. This is the only way to train your arms. Your feet should also be firmly in the areas provided for this purpose. Avoid moving to the tips of your toes or ball of your foot in order not to strain the calf muscles too much. If you follow these tips, you can lose weight consciously and healthily with the crosstrainer.


What is the conclusion to be drawn from the above points? What is the best fitness equipment to lose weight? Clearly, one thing alone is usually not enough to reduce your body fat in the long run. Combinations of different forms of training are much more sensible. It also makes a big difference how the body’s own fitness is measured before the start of training. Heavily overweight people can burn considerably more fat in a short time than trained athletes who actually only want to reduce their light belly fat. And very important: The nutrition! Because with it we first accumulate the calories, which we try to reduce with the training again.

In the following paragraphs, we recommend fitness equipment for weight loss for different users. Click on the desired machine and you will get to the appropriate guide by explaining what you should pay attention to with the respective fitness machine. And we show you product recommendations for the best price-performance ratio.

Fitness equipment to lose weight for the very overweight

The often praised cardio training with only one device is suitable with regular, longer exercise units only conditionally for long-term fat burning. However, there is an exception here for people who do very little exercise in everyday life and are very overweight (BMI > 30 kg/m², see Body Mass Index). Regular cardio training can quickly lead to a significant weight reduction, since the initial increase in movement and the higher body weight lead to an increased energy requirement.

However, one should start slowly and only increase with time in order not to lose motivation on the one hand and to protect the joints on the other hand. Crosstrainers and the ergometer bicycle for at home are very popular here. The treadmill is suitable for overweight people to get started, especially for walking instead of jogging.

Fitness equipment for fat reduction for a few kilos less

Do you want to get rid of your fat thighs a few kilos in the long run? Then it is worth it to carry out a combination of cardio training and strength training according to our weight loss basics described above.

With a cardio machine, you set a new movement stimulus for the body, which significantly increases the calorie requirement, especially when getting started. Additional interval training on the respective fitness machine can work wonders here. Here, too, the crosstrainer has become much more popular, because by using the arms, it is also more efficient with the right training than, for example, the bicycle ergometer. The rowing machine also scores well here, even offering a completely different movement pattern than in everyday life, which increases the burning of fat at the very beginning..